Reason for choosing us

WEcarehelpers is dedicated to serving employers and domestic helpers, and our main goal is to establish good relationships between them. We strive to reduce friction and disputes between the two parties, mediate their relationships, and create a harmonious environment. As a professional employment agency, we do our best to coordinate the job requirements between employers and domestic helpers, and create the most suitable working environment for them, in order to make our clients satisfied and choose WEcarehelpers as their first choice.

We believe that a professional employment agency should provide high-quality worker services. Our staff are friendly and sincere to each and every valued customer. We provide job training courses and workshops for domestic helpers, and also offer simple and clear online courses. We guarantee that every helper we provide has high-quality service.

WEcarehelpers will always be your first choice. We welcome you to choose WEcarehelpers as your intermediary employment agency.