Renewal Employment Contract (Filipino Helper)

  1. ID407 standard contract (1 set of 4 copies) from Immigration Department
  2. ID988a & ID988b from Immigration Department
  3. OFW Information sheet from Consulate of Philippines
  4. Employers & Helpers ID
  5. Helpers passport & Visa
  6. copy of the proof of employer’s financial position
  7. copy of the proof of the employer’s residential address

Helpers who wish to renew their employment contracts with their existing employers after the existing contract has run its 2-year full course shall make fresh applications to the Immigration Department and the application will normally be accepted within eight weeks prior to the expiry of the existing contract.

Step 1.
Please make a booking with immigration department for applying extension of stay.

Step 2.
Please complete the OFW Information Sheet & ID407 form (1 set of 4 copies) to get notarized from Consulate of Philippines. Please bring along old contract, valid passport & visa (photocopies) and HKID (both employers and helpers)

Step 3.
Please complete ID988a & ID988b and submit within eight weeks to immigration branches office on your booking date in step 1. Please bring along new standard Employment Contract, original of his/her travel document,copy of the proof of employer’s financial position,copy of the proof of the employer’s residential address. The application can be submitted to drop-in box at 3/f, Immigration Tower, Wan Chai or in person to Branches.

Applications for contract renewal with the same employer by post, drop-in or by online submission will normally be finalized within 10 working days upon receipt of all necessary documents. For in person application, the approved extension visa label will normally be issued on the same day.

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