Required documents for hiring helpers

Employer’s information form

Copy of HKID form

Copy of HKID form

The copy of the water/electricity/gas bill/rates registered in the name of the employer in the last three months

If you live in a government public housing estate, and you own the apartment, you need to provide a copy of the rates bill as proof of address. If you are renting the apartment, you need to provide a copy of the lease agreement and a utility bill for water, electricity, or gas.

Afterwards, you need to apply for a domestic helper temporary residence permit at the Housing Department office of the relevant housing estate. The employer must bring the temporary residence permit application form, a notarized contract, and a photocopy of the worker’s passport to the housing estate office. The processing time is usually five to seven days.

Proof of income

  • The employer’s latest tax return (recent assessment and payment notice issued by the Inland Revenue Department) to prove that the employer’s annual salary exceeds HKD $180,000; or
  • Automatic transfer records for the past 3 consecutive months from a “salary” bank account, or a monthly salary of HKD $15,000 or above; or
  • Fixed deposit or savings account with a balance of HKD $350,000 or above (for the past 6 consecutive months).