Employers Registration

If the employer is unable to find a suitable helper in the helper list, or to speed up the search for a suitable helper, we recommend that you join the Domestic Helper Club Employer. As long as you leave your personal information and the expected conditions of the helper, by reading and agreeing to the private terms and the employer’s instructions, you can successfully become a member of the Domestic Helper’s House. When we find a qualified helper, we will contact and notify the employer of the helper immediately. We are committed to finding a suitable helper for you.

Notice to Employers and our responsibility to provide a good working environment. As a reliable employment center, we have the responsibility to remind employers to understand the details of Notice to Employers to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts with helpers. If you have any questions or inquiries about employer registration, please call or Whatsapp for inquiries, or leave your message in our message area.

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