It’s so much easier to get connected to people via facebook and whatsapp or other online platform. The fast-growing social media is affecting all of us including domestic helpers. Getting the right employers/domestic helpers in employment agency is not necessary but it can save your valuable time. We understand that It’s always good to have domestic helper recommended by someone that you know and trust because you are able to get work references from their employers.


5 Important keys to find the right domestic helper

  • Proper job matching

The helper experience in taking care of baby is suitable for elderly employer?

  • Sleeping arrangement

Is helper expecting share room or own room? Or is she flexible?

  • Day off and curfew

Sunday or Saturday? 9pm back home?

  • Salary and food allowance (if any)? Food allowance or share food. It is suggested vegetarian family would give food allowance
  • Different religion? Any conflict of religion? Particularly majority of Indonesian helpers are Muslim.

Suggest to confirm all these in details before signing of contract.



Due to recent development of COVID-19, To process a job application with domestic helper, as an employer, you need a reliable employment agency that is accredited by Philippines/Indonesian Consulate in Hong Kong to process your paperwork. We can save your valuable time. All the documents can be courier to your address without the need to come to our agency. Please contact us through whatsapp or call us at 5407-7468/54079434.

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