Introduction To The Specialised Skill Guides

This series of articles will incorporate the use of visually appealing, interactive videos to instruct and provide advice on how to excel at specialized skills. We understand that doing specialized work is far more challenging in relative to managing mere household chores. Which is why we have created videos that can be understood on rudimentary terms to make this an all-rounded entertaining and enjoyable process.


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How should I use this series to my best advantage?

If you wish to, you can watch all the videos. But similarly, we are vastly aware that you presumably do not have too much free time to spare. Which is why we have categorized the videos – categories range from childcare to elderly care. Select the category you believe is the best fit for you, and get watching!



I don’t have much time, will these videos be very time-consuming?

Don’t worry if you are running on a limited time-frame, these videos are a minute at its maximum. The information included in the video are not too condensed either, just a few short bullet points enough to fulfill your needs.



Why advocate upon specialized skills in relative to general ones?

As mentioned above, we believe specialized skills are far harder to master than general skill sets. It takes far more time, patience and an unfulfilled thirst for mastering new (or even improving old) skills. We believe these videos will be able to aid a greater proportion of people, especially towards domestic helpers that have just reigned upon the foreign city of Hong Kong.



Having said that, we hope you choose to make the most out of this series and wish you the best of luck with mastering your skill sets!

Remeber, as Vladimir Horowitz once resonated, “The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary Are Practice.” Be persistent with the required skills, and with our guidance, you will be paved the most comfortable path to success!

Writer – Chloe Jazzy Lau (2018)

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