Is This Domestic Helper is Suitable For You?

You’ve completed all the required procedures, initiated the interview with success, and the Domestic Helper has arrived from the Philippines. She is incredibly pleasant and very diligent, but you are not quite sure as to whether she would be the best fit for your family.


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If you ever find yourself indulged in such hesitance, complete the quiz below to see whether this domestic helper is suitable for you.

  1. What Type of Family Do I Have?


A. Childless Family (Two married individuals whom do not have children

B. Single Parent Family (One parent with their child or children)

C. Average-Sized Nuclear Family (Both parents and their child or children)

D. Grandparent Family (Only of elderly and children)

E. Generational Family (Elderly, children and parents)

F. Extended Family (Many individuals related by blood or marriage, parents, cousins, aunts or uncles, grandparents and children)


A-C: Make sure your domestic helper is capable of all household duties and an expert at taking care of children. It would be plausible if your (female) domestic helper has children of her own – tending to mean she is capable of caring for children. You should be in need of a domestic helper is excellent at being attentive to detail.

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D-F: Make sure your domestic helper is capable of all household duties, and an expert at taking care of both children and elderly. She/He should be cooperative as you could consider hiring a co-worker due to having a larger family. You should require a domestic helper whom can manage their time, is patient and conscientious.


  1. What Are My Family’s Needs?


A. An Individual to cook

B. An Individual to do all housework

C. An Individual to take care of a domestic pet

D. An Individual to take care of children (child care)

E. An Individual to take care of elderly (caregiver)

F. An Individual to take on the role of both child care and caregiving


A-C: Make sure your domestic helper is diligent and willing to work. Bonus points if she/he has a love for intricate, domestic cuisine! Your domestic helper should be willing to have a scheduled day – note: not to the point where she/he is exhausted and lethargic.


D-F: Your domestic helper should also have the virtue of being flexible and being able to adapt easily while being subjected to change in situation or environment.


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  1. What is your Domestic Helper’s Personality?


A. The Caregiver (Warm-hearted, empathetic and conscientious)

B. The Nurturer (Can be depended on to follow through, quiet and kind)

C. The Duty Fulfiller (Thorough, responsible, and dependable)

D. The Doer (Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented)

E. The Giver (Popular and sensitive, with outstanding people skills)

F. The Inspirer (Open-minded and flexible)


A-B: Your helper would be suitable for caregiving work – namely taking care of elderly or even relatives in an extended family. This is due to their empathetic and patient personalities, they are extremely conscientious. This would allow them to abide to every caregiving need originating from the virtue of their responsibility.


C-D: Your helper would be suitable for managing housework. She/he will be able to stick to a time frame and complete their duties with intent. They are responsible and action-oriented, allowing them to thoroughly meet your expectations of a well-kept apartment.


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E-F: Your helper would be suitable for childcare (and at times – elderly care). She/he is flexible and has great people skills, allowing them to get along with children (especially younger ones!). Personality E-F types have qualities of being open-minded, allowing them to take on your methods of how you’d like them to take care of your children – not only restricting to ways he/she taught their children with. In other words, they are open to innovative ways of creating the best environment for your newborn, infant or child.

If your domestic helper does not seem to carry the skills required for your options, ask her about prior experiences (which is possibly something you could have initiated during the interview), and see if any of her prior skills acquired could coalesce and align with the ones you require. The top tip I wish to leave you with is – Be Patient! Getting a domestic helper to abide by each, and every one of your needs (although please do provide a suitable degree of flexibility), will take time, patience and care.


Take a specific time span as a theoretical “Trial Period” – for instance, 3 months. During that 3 months, you should nurture your domestic helper to be the best she/he can be. Make the “Trial Period” fairly flexible and malleable, make sure it does not stick to a strict due date. During the “Trial Period”, I will re-emphasize that patience is KEY and it should be initiated at all times of your domestic helper’s employment.


I wish you the best of luck!

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