Do I Want To Work In Hong Kong?

  1. Do you want to work in Hong Kong?
    • Yes
    • No

    Yes – Continue to Section 2

    No – Visit another agency that is international or not Hong Kong-based 

  2. You will have to live-in with your employer
    • That’s okay
    • I am uncomfortable with that decision

    That’s okay – Continue to Section 3

    I am uncomfortable with that decision – Consider working in a country that does not have the “live-in” rule implemented. 

    “The Live-In Rule” – All domestic helpers in Hong Kong are required to live with their employers. If this rule is broken you may be imprisoned and banned from applying for a visa in Hong Kong again. 

  3. The minimum salary is $4,410 HKD per month 
    • I’m okay with that 🙂
    • That’s not enough 🙁

    I’m okay with that – Continue to section 4

    That’s not enough – Sorry about that, Hong Kong’s minimum wage is already the highest paid option in all of Asia, maybe consider a different job? **Although, wages can vary and increase depending on your years of work as a domestic helper

    Average Salary Range – The average salary of a domestic helper in Hong Kong ranges from $4,410 to $15,000 HKD depending on the wealth of your employer.

  4. You’re not allowed to take up a part-time job 
    • That’s fine
    • I need extra cash

    That’s fine – Continue to section 5

    I need extra cash – This is not possible. The only loophole we can find for you is that you can work harder and ask your employer for a pay raise.

    Duties – You can only engage in duties stated on the Standard Employment Contract. If you do choose to indulge in an extra job, there will be consequences regarding the employment laws and would be seen as a breach of the contract. 

  5. You are allowed one day a week off + public holidays + annual leave
    • Okay that’s alright 
    • That’s not enough

    Okay that’s alright – Continue to section 6

    That’s not enough – You can always try asking your employer for more days off, or try working in a different country

    Rest Days, Holidays and Leaves – There are 12 holidays (12 days off) per year, the annual leave is paid and the entitlement of days depend on years of service. Visit link for more information.

  6. Be prepared to work on a holiday 
    • I’m ready
    • Do I have to?

    I’m Ready – Great! We’re almost done; Continue to Section 7

    Do I have to – Yes, you do. But only if there is a 48-hour prior notice.

    Holiday – A day off will be given back to you within 60 days, your employer will also be required to give you 48 hours advanced notice if they want you to work on a holiday.

  7. No maximum working hours, helpers often work more than 12 hours a day
  • I’m a hard worker! I can handle it. 
  • That’s exhausting!

I’m a hard worker! I can handle it – Great Job! This was the last question 

That’s exhausting! – Try working in another country where there are minimum working hours


Congratulations! You have completed this diagnostic quiz.

If most of your answers were green – You are in a good place to work in Hong Kong. Contact a local agency for placement, and procedural rules. Visit the Hong Kong Labour Department for further inquiries.

If most of your answers were red – Consider working in a different country. Hong Kong’s domestic work rules are non-amendable unless a sufficient compromise is made between employer, helper and the legal aspects of the contract.

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