Interview Tips: Getting The Job 101

So you’ve decided Hong Kong was suitable for you to work in. You’ve packed your bags, applied for a visa, arrived at Hong Kong, and have come into contact with an employment agency. You’ve come incredibly far, but what now?


Once the employment agency has linked you up with an employer, the interviews can commence. This is a time to make the best impression on your possible, future employer, exemplifying your strengths and being truthful about your weaknesses. Talking about your prior experiences to allow the employer to get to know you.


What You Need To Know About Hiring Domestic Helpers In Singapore. Singapore.

What You Need To Know About Hiring Domestic Helpers In Singapore. Singapore.

Do not tempt yourself to be intimidated by the air of hostility between the interviewer and you, the employers merely want an in-depth understanding of whether you would be suitable for the job.




This is included as a factor, not because your appearance is integral towards employment, but because you would want to appear as clean-cut and put together on the day of your interview.



  • Comfort over attraction

Only wear an outfit because it is easy to move in and readily malleable, not only because it looks professional or attractive.


  • Say NO to loud colored clothing

Try not to wear neon or glitter drenched outfits. It could come off as immature or distracting to employers, possibility thwarting your first image.



  • “When in doubt, do without” – Samuel ben Hofni

In other words, stay simple. Avoid an abundance of dark or bright artificial pigments on your face – red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, black blush. That’s a large game changer, it strips away the professional tinge you are planning to bring, and implements a foul image into the employers head.

  • Stay natural

Do not dye your hair distracting, non-neutral colors – hints of red, blue, yellow, green should be avoided at all times of employment. This once again removes a professional image and alters the level of success in the interview. If your hair is already dyed in any instance, dye it back to a natural tone 5 days to a week before the interview.  


Speech and Body Language


Listen with Intent:

The bane of the interviewers’ experience is when interviewees talk before they listen. Having said that, do not delve into answers before understanding the full context of the question. Avoid making assumptions or attempting to finish the employer’s sentences. This could come off as impulsive, impatient and even intrusive, intrinsically lowering your chances of employment success.


Body Language is Key:

You may have heard that body language is truly an integral part of conveying your personality effectively. Therefore, I do not wish to mislead you in any way, as the act of body language could make-or-break an impression. For professional guidance on effective body language, visit link 1 and/or link 2.

On the 2 videos provided, both the creators have provided you with simple ways or methods of remembering what type of body language to convey during the interview. I truly could not have explained the act of body language better myself.




Spatu.La: Cooking Course for Domestic Helpers. Hong Kong.

You will be asked a vast array of questions – where the type of questions depends solely on the employer. Below are 4 sub-sections of questions employers are likely to inquire on.



Questions will be asked about your previous experience with domestic work, and require you to provide reasons you left your prior job.


“Why did you quit your previous job?

What lead you to make such a decision?

What did you engage in during the period between?”



Skill sets are of immense value in the eyes of employers, especially if you are being considered for specialized work – such as child care, or elderly care. You will be required to state your skills truthfully and emphasize on the positive, myriad of contributions you would bring to the family with these specific skills.

Whether you learn at an unprecedented speed, can cook 50 gourmet dishes or even if children naturally have a magnetic attraction towards you, give the employer your all.


“Do you like children? Do you have children of your own?

What languages can you speak?

What is your proficiency in cooking?”



Most employers would like to gain exposure to your personality type – in order to contemplate your overall fit with the family.

You will be inquired on how your personality would merge and adapt to the family’s lifestyle.


“Do you consider yourself as positive?

What do you do during your day off?”



You will be required to think critically and immerse yourself in possible scenarios they may provide you with. This tests your ability to problem solve and actions you would initiate in dire circumstances. These questions should be answered with intent, as it shows your adaptability to the employer.


“If the elderly gets impatient or disagrees with you, what would you do?”

If the child throws a tantrum, what measures would you take?

If the elderly does not enjoy the food you have made, what would you do?”


A lasting impression


Part with a sincere smile, followed by a resounding of parting greetings, and possibly the last shake of a hand. Provided below is a list of appropriate greetings.

  1. “Thank You Very Much”
  2. “Have a Great Day”
  3. “Best Regards to Your Family”
  4. “Thank You For Your Time”
  5. “Enjoy Your Day”


With these provided tips, I wish you the best of luck with acing your interview and getting the job!

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Writer – Chloe Jazzy Lau

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