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Helpers Challenge Live-in Scheme with Employers. Hong Kong, 4 Oct. 2017.

Do I Want a Domestic Helper?


How to Know If This Domestic Helper is Suitable For You?


Types of Duties for Your Helper (Visual)


A Helping Hand (Guide to Helping Your Domestic Helper)


Building Trust 201


For Domestic Helpers;

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Hong Kong Free Press., 9 Dec. 2015.

Do I Want to Work in Hong Kong?


Interview Tips: Getting The Job 101


Statutory Holidays: Holidays For You 2018



Specialised Skill Guides: (Visual)


Introduction To The Specialised Skill Guides


Episode I: 5 Crucial Skills For Being a Caregiver


Episode II: 5 Crucial Skills For Taking Care of Children/Newborns


Episode III: 5 Crucial Skills For Working With Large Families


Episode IV: 5 Crucial Skills For Working In A House With Animals


Episode V: 5 Crucial Skills For Working With A Smaller-Sized Family